Analyst Reports

What the analysts are saying... 

Take a look at what the analysts are saying and how Changepoint stays active within the enterprise technology community. 

Analyst Reports

Forrester Research

Are you ready to transform your PMO? 

In this Forrester report, you'll learn the secrets of success from 12 PMO leaders. 


2014 PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchmark Report

Is your services organization profitable? How do you know? Tip the balance in your favor. Read the report. 

PSVillage Member Survey: Metrics that Matter

In this survey PSVillage asks: What are the real-world metrics that PSOs are tracking and what differences are there between different types of PSOs? 

SPI Research

2015 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report

Valuable information on important trends and insightful data for PSOs to objectively benchmark their performance. 

2014 Professional Services Automation Buyer's Guide

PSA provides the basis for system initiation, planning, resource management, scheduling, execution, close, and control of projects and services. 

Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)

New! Five Key Criteria in Making a PSA Decision

Joint white paper from TSIA and Changepoint discusses integration options and deployment models to help companies select a "best-fit" solution.

Top Installed Products by TSIA Members: 2014

Highlights the technology and services partners with the highest adoption by TSIA members. 

Leveraging Big Data & Analytics for Services Organizations

TSIA Research takes a look at big data and analytics and provides actionable insight for new services revenue streams.

Technology Services Heatmap

Based on the findings of the 2013 TSIA Member Technology Survey, which asked members what technology and services they are using, including satisfactions and plans for additonal investments.