Changepoint Accelerators

Get time back in your day

How do you get automation, embedded analytics, mobility, and more without spending an inordinate amount of time and money? Changepoint Accelerators provide the answer.

A starting point for your Changepoint implementation

Automation, embedded analytics, mobility, what does it really mean to you? Well, it should mean time back in your day. When you have time back in your day, the critical functions of growing the business, driving revenue and improving margin can be achieved.

But how do you get these benefits without spending an inordinate amount of time and money getting there? Changepoint Accelerators provide the answer.

Our accelerators offer out-of-the-box configuration for best-practice processes, key metrics, critical reports and dashboards. Our accelerators complement our implementation methodology, reduce the cost of implementation and shorten the time to value.

Changepoint Accelerators are a starting point for your Changepoint implementation, putting you on the fast track to achieving your business goals. Choose one accelerator or mix and match relevant elements from some or all.

Quickly recognize the business value of your investment

With Changepoint's built-in accelerators, our customers benefit from industry best practices and our extensive experience to drive ROI more quickly. Without the lengthy, difficult trial and error, Changepoint provides pre-configured starting points such as: Metrics, Workflow, Reports, and Dashboards.

Breakdown of Accelerators

Changepoint's pre-configured accelerators provide recommended approaches and reports utilizing pre-built, pre-defined criteria for the following area of services delivery: Resource planning, budgeting, forecasting, profitability measurement, services invoicing, billing, and time and expense tracking.

Our accelerators go beyond services delivery. Services organizations may also leverage Changepoint for other areas of the organization, such as: Product management, product development, R&D, support, and maintenance.

Adoption Accelerator

To ensure end user adoption, our accelerators provide out-of-the-box project templates, methodologies and usage reports. To encourage the Project Management discipline, Changepoint automates repeatable processes across the organization.

These templates and methodologies result in a collection of detailed views among IT, projects, and business stakeholders to spur more collaborative decision making during project delivery.

In addition, our Accelerators provide a PMBOK-based approach to managing issues, risks, defects and change within a project.

Supply and demand

For organizations implementing a portfolio management discipline in their organization, the Supply and Demand Accelerator provides the starting point to implement best practices for both. The Supply and Demand Accelerator offers best practices based on industry standards such as PMBOK.

The quick outcomes of the capabilities provided with this accelerator give you the means to manage both sides of the equation.

Demand Management centers on tracking, analyzing, prioritizing and funding ongoing efforts and new project requests. It lays the groundwork for three focused disciplines and the core of the Changepoint Supply and Demand Accelerator:

  • Strategic planning and annual budget allocation

  • Strategic demand management

  • Operational demand management

Supply Management is a standardized approach to managing all aspects of project delivery, from tracking costs and allocating resources to overseeing stage-gate transitions and reviewing project statuses. Extending into many areas within the following disciplines:

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Resource Management

  • Project Management

Application Portfolio Management

The Changepoint APM Accelerator helps you overcome many of the common challenges of deploying APM strategies like identifying inventory, capturing the right metrics and generating analysis that both IT and business can understand.

The APM Accelerator delivers a comprehensive set of metrics providing insight into:

  • Application health

  • Low-level detail around each application

  • Assessment and roadmap building  (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate and Eliminate)

  • Executive level application portfolios views - client, financial, resource, life-cycle and technical

The APM Accelerator provides the functionality and framework needed for IT to gain visibility into the application inventory, as well as capture and store data that can help you assess the portfolio to further guide roadmap development. This, combined with its flexibility to grow with your organization over time, gives a starting point toward a greater end: smarter investment decisions to drive innovation, cost savings and rapid returns.

Technology Companies

Changepoint’s Accelerator for Technology Companies is built for product-centric technology companies such as hardware or software vendors, who have a strong dependency on professional services and are seeking to manage additional areas of the business with a PPM solution.

Changepoint’s Accelerator for Technology Companies provides best practices for:

  • Pre-configured workflows

  • New product development

  • Release planning

  • Development

  • Project execution

  • Services delivery

Changepoint is the solution for technology services, software and hardware vendors to produce high-quality products and drive services revenue and margins. Key areas addressed within our accelerator include: New product development, release planning, project execution, and services delivery.


IT organizations are adopting more iterative software development approaches, such as Agile, to better respond to business needs. While interest and adoption are increasing, IT organizations still deliver projects using more traditional approaches. A PPM solution is required to manage the total project portfolio, but must be flexible enough to address these different methodologies, even within a single project.

Changepoint’s Agile Accelerator provides:

  • Best practices for capturing and managing backlog

  • Configurable workflow for automatic sprint creation

  • Scrum master support

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