EPM Solution


Improve your business’ agility and performance

Crowdsourcing enables your most valuable resources, your people, across your entire business.


How do people use Changepoint EPM? Crowdsourcing is a key part of it. With it, capture and organize data about technologies, processes and people, to quickly create a live map of your business.

Maps come in all shapes and sizes to help visually describe what is in your enterprise. They do not make judgments about what is good or bad or right or wrong, their purpose is just to provide useful information that you can then turn into actionable data.

The result? Better business decisions

Working with large quantities of data is often difficult. That’s not so with Changepoint EPM. Managers and strategists using barometerIT and its enterprise map can easily understand the relationships and dependencies in information.


With crowdsourcing technology, you can:

  • Get a clear understanding, based on actual users' experiences, about the processes and technology that's in place across your organization today

  • Build insights and adjust strategies and approaches immediately, to better meet business objectives, based on those insights

  • Gain transparency across your enterprise to better understand the scope of projects, resource availability, application utilization, and more

  • Improve top-down and bottom-up communication using real-time information

  • Analyze outcomes, and update the enterprise map, helping stakeholders optimize business outcomes in new initiatives