Demand Management

Your ‘single point of entry’ for business requests

Ensure you are well-equipped to forecast, plan, and manage your enterprise’s project requests. Changepoint provides visibility that helps project prioritization, resource allocation, and expenditures.

Demand Management

The first step in managing demand is to aggregate and understand all incoming work, including projects, enhancements, and non-project work. A best-practice project scoring model enables quick evaluation without suffering “paralysis by analysis.”

Portfolio optimization tools and scoring bubble charts allow the PMO to prioritize and shape the incoming demand in alignment with corporate goals and objectives. 

With Changepoint, you can:

  • Get a view into project and portfolio health through graphical summaries, including portfolio health assessments, project scorecards, and dashboard visibility
  • Track and gain visibility over all types of demand, including business as usual, or operational demand
  • Use a single point of entry through which all requests are gathered, evaluated, categorized, and prioritized according to your organization’s business processes

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