Financial Management

Go beyond the traditional ERP system

Deliver the financial performance your enterprise needs—from managing risk to being a catalyst for change. Changepoint’s strategic approach guides the finance team to contribute directly to revenue growth and profitability.

  • Improve margin reporting and monitor investment portfolio health
  • Manage services costs and profitability on an ongoing basis through better line-of-business planning, more accurate forecasting, and reconciliation of forecast to actual and to budget
  • Leverage Changepoint’s portfolio management capabilities to make better investment decisions

  • Mitigate risk by ensuring more accurate services forecasting and financial reporting

  • Integrate service-related invoicing and revenue recognition with any back-office ERP or financial system to improve information flow, reduce data duplication, and improve accuracy, as well as shorten order-to-cash cycles

  • Improve invoicing accuracy by providing your finance department with clear visibility into completed work, work ready for billing, and revenue to be recognized

  • Ensure the business remains in compliance with VSOE and revenue recognition rules

  • Consolidate invoicing, and you will reduce revenue leakage, and lower audit and compliance expenses. Finance can work more efficiently, narrowing the fiscal period closure window

  • Fully integrated expense management capabilities with expense rule reinforcement ensure timely and accurate invoicing

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