Portfolio Management

for Executives and Management

Guide and manage Portfolio complexities

Changepoint allows Executives and Management to focus on the priorities of the business, knowing that core areas, such as Portfolios, are running with maximum efficiency.

  • Understand the risks, value, and trade-offs related to strategic business initiatives to make informed funding decisions and achieve a more balanced investment portfolio
  • Conduct “what if” analysis to determine the impact of reallocating or reducing resources and responding to changing business priorities
  • Evaluate the conditions of each portfolio through graphical summaries including project scorecards, bubble charts, and portal visibility
  • Improve IT’s ability to deliver by tracking key performance metrics; establish portfolio and project-specific metric targets and allowable variance

  • Monitor portfolio health and manage resources throughout the project lifecycle with a centralized and transparent presentation of key performance metrics
  • Collect all demand requests through easy-to-use forms and implement review and approval processes that include time-phased budgets and resource requirements without building a detailed project plan
  • Use proven best practices to enforce a repeatable project methodology
  • Track and manage projects including risks, issues and change requests, performance against budget, and prevent redundant, overlapping or underperforming projects

  • Inventory business applications and capture metrics related to performance, cost, user value, and more to drive application lifecycle decisions

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