PPM Training Services

Obtain specialized PPM training

If you are introducing PPM to a new group within your organization, these training options provide your users with a solid understanding of features and functionality offered.

PPM Training Services

The Professional Services Team offers regular training for our customers who need assistance educating administrators, project managers, business users, and report authors on your Changepoint PPM toolset.

Specialized PPM Training


This web-based training is for new administrators and existing administrators who need a refresher. The training is offered weekly and delivered in a series of five training sessions between 60 and 90 minutes.

Project Teams

This web-based training is recommended for new users, existing project manager and team members, PPM users whose role is changing, and for teams that need to “get up to speed” on the toolset. The training is offered monthly and delivered in a series of four training sessions between 60 and 90 minutes.

Business Analysts

This Advanced Report Builder Training is recommended for business analysts that will be using Work Intelligence as part of their daily job, and those that will be using the Advanced Report Builder tool. The training covers an introduction to PPM reports, basic reporting features, advanced reporting features, and effective report design.

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