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Our collection of on-demand webinars features practical presentations on a variety of topics related to Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, and New Product Development.

Hear first hand from our customers, product managers, and industry analysts on how Changepoint is changing the game and streamlining the way you work by augmenting the way you work.


 Unleash the Power of the Budget

Join SPI Research Managing Director, Dave Hofferberth, as he analyzes results from SPI's latest research on how high-performing professional services organizations unlock their potential through a detailed analysis of operational data.


 B4B: The Next Generation of Technology-Fueled, Data-Driven Operating Models

In this keynote, TSIA CEO J.B. Wood discusses the root causes of the current impasse that often stalls customer spending. He also unveils a completely new framework that helps companies better align how they operate with how their customers achieve outcomes. The framework can also help to structure and simplify the stressful internal transformation conversations currently taking place inside many tech suppliers. Watch and learn what capabilities you will need, and what role you will play in this transformation.