CPX Process Intelligence

for enterprises and services businesses

Workflow and document management

CPX Process Intelligence workflow and document management can help you remove bottlenecks and improve overall operational efficiencies across your business. It can help you to drive costs down and increase your effectiveness.

CPX Process Intelligence

The CPX Process Intelligence solution takes in web forms, the Changepoint database, mobility applications, and a host of other forms. It then applies your business rules through an intelligent server. CPX Process Intelligence delivers outputs including customer correspondence, documents, email, and Changepoint database updates.
CPX inputs and outputs

You may benefit from CPX Process Intelligence if you have these challenges:

  • Your costs are increasing because too many day-to-day tasks aren't automated and there are too many repositories for your business data
  • It is difficult for your business to meet compliance and regulatory standards
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  • Gaining user adoption for business processes is challenging
  • Your organization is finding it hard to re-use data

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