Daptiv AWS Migration

Frequently Asked Questions

Changepoint is excited to migrate our SaaS operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This simply means that Daptiv PPM is moving to one of the most respected and secure infrastructures in the world. As part of our ongoing product innovations, we are committed to providing a first-class hosting operation of our Daptiv PPM SaaS product.

The following are frequently-asked questions about the migration.

Q: Is there anything I need to do with the move to AWS?
A: No, the site will continue to work as it has previously. 

Q: Will the migration occur during the standard downtime window? 
A: No, the migration will require an extended downtime, which is scheduled for Saturday, January 14, 12pm - 6pm PST (8pm January 14 - 2am January 15 GMT).

Q: Will links in previously-sent notifications still work?
A: Yes, all links and bookmarks will continue to work as they had previously.

Q: Will my Daptiv Connect integration still work?
A: Yes, Daptiv Connect integrations will continue to work as expected.

Q: Will my SSO integration still work?
A: Yes, SSO integrations will continue to use the same configuration as before.

Q: Will my Daptiv utilities still work?
A: Yes, Project Transit, Desk Docs, and Outlook Integration will continue to work as expected.

Q: Will my web forms still work?
A: Yes, web forms will continue to work as expected.

Q: My IT department has whitelisted Daptiv PPM. Will they need to update the whitelist information?
A: No, a whitelist entry for the Daptiv PPM URL will continue to work as expected.

Q: Will this affect my sandbox environment?
A: There will be no changes during the initial migration for Sandbox customers. We will be deploying a new Sandbox environment for our EU customers. More information on this deployment will be provided in the following week.

Q: Who do I contact for inquiries about the AWS migration?
A: Daptiv customer support can be contacted by calling 1-888-341-9117, visiting the customer support webpage, or submitting a question directly to the support team.