Daptiv TTM

Simple timesheet submission anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Move initiatives forward on time and on budget

Teams can better track tasks and submit timesheets, stakeholders get a more accurate view of project status, and initiatives move forward on time and on budget.

  • Accelerate frequent time and task entry
  • Make more informed staffing decision
  • Better cost control

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Changepoint’s Daptiv TTM Application

Effortless Time and Task Management Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Experience on-the-go resource management for project leaders

Daptiv TTM is simple, easy-to-use to enter time, and works on phones, tablets, and laptops

Daptiv TTM ensures fast, accurate reporting by accelerating frequent time and task entry—minimizing the risk of inaccurate or delayed data commonly associated with overdue projects. As a result, project managers can make more informed staffing decisions, better control costs, and meet contractual and regulatory labor obligations.

A recent Project Management Institute (PMI) survey of nearly 3,000 project management professionals revealed that inaccurate time and task management is the leading cause of project failure at least 28 percent of the time. Daptiv TTM combats these challenges by helping project team members submit timesheets and track tasks with the touch of a button on any device, eliminating the risk of reporting latency and improving the odds of timely project completion.