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On-demand webinars

Our collection of on-demand webinars features practical presentations on a variety of topics related to Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, and New Product Development.

Hear first hand from our customers, product managers, and industry analysts on how Changepoint is changing the game and streamlining the way you work by augmenting the way you work.


 Changepoint: Empowering PMOs to Connect Business Strategy with Project Execution

Connect PPM and EA for a true competitive advantage and to change the conversation of IT, which has a direct 1:1 relationship with financial performance. Watch now.


  Winning with People in Project Portfolio Management Webinar

From Accidental Change Management to Intentional Change Leadership

In Project Portfolio Management, change is at the core of the initiative. Members of the project team may be experts in the mechanics of project management, but typically struggle with the activities associated with organizational change. Project leaders need to be intentional and strategic about how they employ change management—not “accidentally” take their best shot based on what they think they know. This webinar will provide insights and practices enabling you to lead change more effectively within your programs and projects. Participants will receive practical information and tools as a takeaway.