Metrics that Matter

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PSVillage Member Survey

What are the real-world metrics that professional service organizations (PSO) are tracking, and what are the differences between different kinds of PSOs? Find out in this report.

Metrics that Matter

PSVillage Memeber Survey: A study of real-world KPIs as tracked by leading PSOs


PSVillage members often ask, "What PSO metrics should I be tracking and why?"

Much is written about KPIs in services organizations, and the impact these metrics will have on operational effectiveness. While independent consultants and research groups identify a plethora of KPIs, services leaders find the universe of metrics to be overwhelming and costly to track.

So we asked what are the real-world metrics that PSOs are trakcing, and what differences are there between different types of PSOs, such as product and non-product based organizations.

In this report, we present the survey results while attempting to analyze the drivers behind them. The goal is to give PS leaders a realistic perspective of the metrics that are most likely to impact them.

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