Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

Analyst report

By Services Performance Insight (SPI) Research

The SPI Research Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report helps professional services (PS) executives better understand how their organization compares to others, and provides an objective, fact-based framework for performance improvements.

2015 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report

By SPI Research

This report is designed to help professional services (PS) organizations get a better understanding of where they stand and to provide ways in which performance improvements can be made by identifying the areas that will provide the greatest impact.

From the report, here are a few highlights from this year's benchmark:

  • Steady revenue growth: Predictable growth helped firms optimize supply and demand resulting in significant profit improvement...

  • Productivity improvements: Across the board PSOs experienced moderate increases in billable utilization...

  • Sales and marketing remain the top challenge: Successful firms deployed a combination of strategies including lead generation; relationship-building events; thought-leadership; service packaging and reference building. The net results were very positive in 2014 with stronger sales pipelines; shorter sales cycles and larger backlogs...

  • Profits are up: A host of incremental enhancements added up to strong profit improvement in 2014. Profit was up in all vertical markets and all geographies...

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