PSOs: Leveraging Big Data & Analytics

Analyst report

By Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)

TSIA takes a look at big data and analytics, and provides actionable insight for new services revenue streams.

TSIA: Leveraging Big Data and Analytics for Services Organizations

Executive Summary

Two of the hottest topics in technology discussions today are "big data," enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data that is being generated, and "analytics," how to leverage that data for business intelligence. These topics are also a source of confusion for business leaders, as it is not clear to them how big data and analytics can be translated into business value for their services businesses.


In this white paper, TSIA Research takes a look at the big data phenomena, and defines three key analytics instrumental for transforming and growing any services organization: business analytics, customer analytics, and consumption analytics. Finally, we'll explore what this means for services organizations and their leaders, looking at how big data and analytics, combined with a services-led business strategy, can fuel business growth, transformation, and ongoing customer value.

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