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The story

IT integrator drives improvement across organization with Changepoint PSA.




IT Services


An IT services provier wtih Europeanwide clientele, 1eEurope Deutschland GmbH needed a software suite to manage its core business functions, from time tracking to accounting.


Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA)


  • Implemented a standard process across all departments, from marketing to finance
  • Generated 100% of invoices
  • Streamlined monthly billing cycle to only three full days of work

The story

About 1eEurope Deutschland GmbH

1eEurope Deutschland GmbH, founded in 1996, specializes in eBusiness projects, creating new solutions and service portfolios for optimal implementation.

The Challenge

When an IT services company chooses a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to manage all its core business functions, from time tracking to invoicing, it’s demonstrating a high degree of confidence and commitment. When the company makes the same decision twice, you’d have to say that’s confidence and commitment to the nth degree.

That’s what happened when 1eEurope Deutschland GmbH emerged from a Europeanwide services company that had been using Changepoint PSA. The new company, based near Stuttgart, Germany, reviewed its options, conducted a new selection process and chose Changepoint again.

Research and Development Manager Patrick Soenke says that 1eEurope Deutschland needed an integrated tool suite to track and bill for its services work. “We had a lot of different tools around — MS Project, Excel, Word, custom-made solutions, bug trackers and so on — and there was no integration between all of these tools and the information we created with them.”

For example, he says, it was difficult to get a quick answer to such basic questions as who were the current customers for specific services or for the entire company. “These were questions which took a lot of time to answer in the past because you had to gather different Excels, and somebody found out, ‘Oh, this is not an existing customer any more.’ Then somebody else found out, ‘No, two others are missing which we won in the meantime.’”

The danger was not only confusion and lost time, but lost revenue. Soenke explains, “We had people tracking their time in Excel and some time entries got lost. We didn’t invoice things again, so we had a loss in revenue and a lot of overhead internally for doing all of these reporting issues, for getting invoices out of our infrastructure in the end.”

"Changepoint is an end-to-end solution for us, from marketing to finance. It's the backbone of our company."

- Patrick Soenke, Research and Development Manager, 1eEurope Deutschland GmbH

The Solution

“Without Changepoint, we would have a lot of internal meetings for reporting issues to discuss how much time we spent on keeping the lights on and project work, how efficient projects are, or if they’re not, who the good clients are, what the good markets are. We would spend a lot of time in these meetings.”

The most important advantage of Changepoint was that it provided a common workspace for all departments of the company, so they could work together and share information easily.

“Changepoint had an excellent reputation in the market,” Soenke adds. “We wanted to go for a solution which is a good brand, a good name. Changepoint is in all of the ratings from Gartner. It’s a
very well-rated solution.”

This was important not only because Changepoint had credibility, but to demonstrate to internal staff—service employees, project managers, account managers—that 1eEurope Deutschland was
serious about driving greater efficiency in its services business. The idea was to encourage adoption and usage, to convince the staff, “It’s not an option to use something, it’s a must—we must improve.”

The Results

Changepoint has become a comprehensive solution for 1eEurope Deutschland. Soenke says, “We’re using Changepoint starting in marketing, going across sales, writing offers, following leads, tracking the sales pipeline, going over to contract management. When we won or lost different leads, we’re doing reviews on them. Finally, we have contracts and projects we need to deal with. And in the end, we’re also doing the complete invoicing of the company, so 100% of the invoices we are writing every month is with Changepoint.”

He sums up: “Changepoint is an end-to-end solution for us, from marketing to finance. It’s the backbone of our company.”

Changepoint has allowed 1eEurope Deutschland to stablish an integrated timesheet in which service employees book their time, project managers review and approve monthly reports, invoices are generated and the data inputted to company’s ERP system. The whole process has been streamlined to the point where the full monthly billing cycle can run within only three full days of work.

Among the results cited by Soenke are: No more lost revenue due to billing oversights, improved cost control and a 50% reduction in administrative efforts. There are qualitative benefits as
well. Since the company works smarter and faster, it knows more about its clients and markets and about its own efforts, which fosters improvement.

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