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The story

Abbey Road Group saves time, improves processes, and delights clients with Daptiv PPM by Changepoint.



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Efficiently tracking time, reporting, and collaborating across departments and teams


Daptiv PPM by Changepoint


  • Abbey Road Group had been using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets along with Microsoft Project desktop and Outlook to manage schedules, create reports, and manage overall business operations.
  • In addition to effective time tracking, robust reporting and collaborative capabilities, Abbey Road Group needed a solution that could mold to their unique processes without added fees or hassle.
  • Abbey Road Group sees the biggest value of Daptiv PPM tied to client perception—they can tell that Abbey Road Group projects are put together seamlessly and it helps reinforce that the company is delivering quality solutions as expected, on time.

The story

About Abbey Road Group

The Abbey Road Group offers complete land-development solutions from residential and condominium projects to commercial, retail, industrial facilities, and more. Based in Washington, the company provides a complete range of services to public and private companies throughout the northwest.

The Abbey Road Group is known throughout the local jurisdictions for their superior expertise (the go-to-people) for understanding and facilitating the entire development process, for their innovative approaches, for being environmentally sensitive, and for their ability to deliver turn-key projects on time and within budget.

The Challenge

In 2007, Abbey Road Group was using MS Excel spreadsheets along with Microsoft Project Desktop and Outlook to manage schedules, create reports and manage overall business operations needs. They were ‘only really using MS Project to create Gantt charts’ and they felt there must be better way to manage their business processes with software tools.

“We began looking at the critical areas of the business that needed attention, such as time spent on client engagements as well as having a central source of truth and information that would allow for employees as well as outside architects and engineers to collaborate more effectively,” says Cassie Porcella, Business Manager. “Although we had a few software tools in place, they weren’t necessarily simplifying our processes or allowing us to gain an executive view of projects so we began looking into different project and portfolio management software options.”

"Being able to centralize all of our projects and operational information in a single source is a huge time savings, which in turn increases our productivity and efficiency twofold."

- Cassie Porcella, Business Manager, Abbey Road Group

The Solution

Abbey Road Group investigated and chose to subscribe to Daptiv PPM by Changepoint as their software solution based on robust reporting provided by Daptiv Work Intelligence™, flexible configuration, project and portfolio management capabilities, global views, and the ondemand delivery model that allows for collaboration. “In addition to robust functionality, we really needed a flexible software solution that could mold to our processes, without the burden of extra fees,” points out Porcella. “We are a unique business and we wanted a software solution that would adapt to the way we work and the fact that Daptiv PPM was able to meet our needs that way was key.”

Getting started with Daptiv PPM was a simple process. “Our implementation went well and the webinar training was very helpful,” says Porcella. “We’ve also been able to customize our Daptiv PPM environment over the years without much effort on our part, and it’s been great working with the people at Daptiv who give us ideas on how we can further leverage the solution to improve our business processes as we move forward.”

Currently, everyone at the Abbey Road Group is using Daptiv PPM, from project managers to administrators, department heads in Survey, Engineering and Design to the CEO. All business operations are managed with Daptiv PPM, such as marketing projects, employee time tracking, and client project management.

“Our CEO uses the project and portfolio executive views to stay on top of operations, such as project status and employee expenses,” says Porcella. “Our project managers also leverage reports and our department heads in the survey, engineering and design divisions also rely on Daptiv reports on a regular basis.” Project managers manage client projects with Daptiv PPM—everything from getting projects set up to collaborating with engineers, architects and even the clients themselves.

"The Daptiv PPM staff is very knowledgeable and they are a wonderful resource to help us ensure that we're maximizing the value of the software. We left feeling pumped about the direction we'll be going in the future with Daptiv PPM."

- Cassie Porcella, Business Manager, Abbey Road Group

The Results

“Being able to centralize all of our project and operational information in a single source is a huge time savings, which in turn increases our productivity and efficiency twofold,” says Porcella. “We don’t have to chase down information anymore or use multiple tools, and we’ve been able to improve our business processes.”

The Abbey Road Group has also been delighted to see that their clients are taking notice of the business process improvements. “Ever since we implemented Daptiv PPM, our clients can tell that our processes and projects are put together seamlessly...they can go into their project and see all of their data and stage gates completed. The use of Daptiv PPM enhances client perceptions of the Abbey Road Group’s ability to continually deliver quality solutions, and that’s a huge success and value-add for us.”

Leveraging Daptiv as a business partner has also been an integral part of the value of choosing Daptiv PPM. “We recently visited Daptiv in Seattle to meet with a few consultants and our account executives and it was a great experience,” says Porcella. “We were introduced to further things we can do with Daptiv PPM to make our business run even better—such as creating a global calendar to manage employee PTO. The Daptiv staff is very knowledgeable and they are a wonderful resource to help us ensure that we’re maximizing the value of the software—we left feeling energized about the direction we’ll be going in the future with Daptiv PPM.”

Project managers and team members are the primary users of Daptiv PPM, but the Online Executive and the Editor in Chief of Publishing also utilize Daptiv PPM to analyze resource management. On a weekly basis, Daptiv PPM reports are shared with the CEO to drive conversations about the latest project updates.

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