Get the most out of Changepoint

An integrated and practical approach to learning Changepoint solutions. 

Get the most out of Changepoint with eLearning

Changepoint delivers powerful, feature-rich solutions. With the implementation of any new solution the first challenge is learning and adoption. You want your new users to maximize the features and benefits of that solution—quickly—so your company can reap the benefits of your investment.

Changepoint has the perfect solution for that challenge: Changepoint eLearning.

Changepoint eLearning is free for Changepoint 2012 users and offers more than 200 individual, short, topic-based lessons about our software features and capabilities. All lessons are fully accessible through a learning portal, so answers are always just a mouse-click away.

The short topic-based lessons can be used as a first time orientation for new users or as a “quick refresher” at any time for advanced users. We know that their success as learners is your success as an adopter of Changepoint.


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Our eLearning approach eliminates classroom-style learning, by pairing it simultaneously with their work. Not only is it an effective way to learn through use cases, it also drastically reduces traditional expenses for training courses. 

Each lesson is no longer than three-minutes in duration, is fully narrated and is supported by animated feature demonstrations, background information, and a series of printable reference guides. These guides help users keep complex system details right at their fingertips while they work. 

Changepoint eLearning highlights

  • More than 200 individual "bite-sized" lessons that are less than three-minutes long and designed to turn novices into power users

  • Lessons are mapped throughout specific areas of the Changepoint application

  • Uses "just-in-time" access to learn precisely what they need to know, when they need to know it

  • 24/7 direct access to all lessons

  • Both basic and new lessons devoted to Changepoint's project management and resource management features

Is your organization ready for Changepoint eLearning?

  • "eLearning can enhance information retention 25-60% over traditional classroom training," 

  • according to The Training World

Our eLearning courses can benefit any organization at any stage of maturity. We encourage you to use Changepoint eLearning to bring users up to speed in the following scenarios: 

  • Implementation

  • Onboarding of new resources

  • After an upgrade

  • Expanding / adding new areas of the application

Benefits of Changepoint eLearning

  • "With 24/7 access and more user control over the pace of learning, eLearning can help organizations achieve a 60% faster learning curve,"

  • according to RainmakerVT. 
  • Better information retention and faster learning cycles

  • Self-paced so users can learn at their own speed

  • Users can access the lessons and take refresher lessons at any time

  • Less intimidating than classroom-based training

  • Improved engagement of "road warriors" and "virtual workers" in training programs

  • Improved consistency with standardized teaching tools

  • Significant cost savings by great reducing travel time associated with classroom training

Fully customizable to meet your needs

Want to tailor our eLearning lessons to fit the needs of your organization? No problem. We can customize lesson listings to focus on the modules most relevant to your user base. eLearning material source code can also be licensed.*

*(Developers must have Adobe Captive and Acapela text-to-speech software installed)

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