Behind every great business is a great story

Take a look at how some of our customers are using Changepoint to drive higher revenue, optimize margins and improve overall customer experience.

Professional Services Automation


Michele Bleser discusses how Slalom is future-proofing operations by scaling core systems and processes to support a fast-growing business.


John Rosevear, Dell's Business Analysis Director, reveals how important services is to Dell's business success.


Changepoint plays a vital part in successfully managing Keste's professional services engagements and complex projects.


Temoor Saeed reveals how Patheon is leveraging Changepoint for a competitive edge and to improve efficiencies in delivery of services and profitability.

Why Changepoint?

Learn the value Changepoint brings to customers.

Reporting with Changepoint

Changepoint's advanced reporting capabilities gives customer's the insight they need to run their business.

Open Systems Technologies

John Vancil, Director of Professional Services at OST, discusses why OST selected Changepoint to support its future growth plans in achieving revenue and profitability targets.

Mobility with Changepoint

QAD's global services organization and IT department benefit from Changepoint's mobile abilities.

MarketLive: Why Choose Changepoint?

Chris Selvig of MarketLive talks why they needed Changepoint.

MarketLive: Ensuring PCI Compliance

Chris Selvig of MarketLive talks about how E-Commerce companies require PCI Compliance, and how they use Changepoint for change and request management.

MarketLive: Stopping Revenue Leakage

Chris Selvig of MarketLive talks about how replacing their homegrown time-tracking system with Changepoint stopped revenue leakage for services projects.

MarketLive: Increased Billable Utilization

Chris Selvig of MarketLive talks about how Changepoint improved billable utilisation from less than 60% to more than 80%.

MarketLive: Improved User Adoption

Chris Selvig of MarketLive talks about the importance of user adoption and the benefits recognised.

KANA: Total Organizational Visibility

Looking for a PSA system that gives your organization complete visibility at every level? Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, explains how KANA achieved this with Changepoint.

KANA: Tool Consolidation

Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, outlines the mission that it laid out for Changepoint: Consolidate planning, forecasting, and management tools.

KANA: Liberation from Inefficient Systems

Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, talks about why KANA selected Changepoint and how it liberated them from their old "grass roots" systems.

KANA: Increasing Productivity

Would you like to see productivity increase in your services business and consolidate all information in one tool? Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, talks about the successes already being seen with Changepoint.

KANA: Improving the Bottom Line

Better outcomes create better bottom lines. Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, explains how Changepoint helped transform their services business.

KANA: Implementation Plan

Chad Wolf, SVP Global Services, KANA, discusses the organization's three-phase plan to implement Changepoint and tear down old systems, and how Changepoint Accelerators helped them to launch quickly.

Guardian Services

See how Guardian Services are benefiting Keste with Changepoint.


Changepoint manages the complete business lifecycle with out-of-the-box ease of use and the ability to grow as the company grows.

Surgical Information Systems: Vision for Growth

Douglas Rempfer reveals how Surgical Information Systems is transforming their services business.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Management with Changepoint

See how customers are benefiting from project management with Changepoint.


Changepoint enables world-wide project portfolio and resource management for Experian.

Alliance Data

Alliance Data need to manage their resources; they can see beginning to end what their resources are doing any time in the working day for improved planning.

Resource Management with Changepoint

See how customers are benefiting from resource management with Changepoint.