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Product adoption plus change management? Your PS team can make it happen.

Product adoption plus change management? Your PS team can make it happen.

With the emerging needs for Level 3 and 4 service offerings, professional services teams are feeling increased pressure to provide more value than just the successful implementation of their product or tools. This reality connects back to the old, but relevant truth for services teams—the need to expand the customer relationship from professional services consultant to trusted advisor.

Changepoint’s new organizational change management service offering set out to do what you might think—help customer audiences transition through product implementations, and adopt their technology solutions and processes long-term. But their professional services team is finding that helping customers with adoption can improve the customer-supplier relationship, strengthen credibility, and result in a deeper understanding of the client culture—leading to other opportunities to help the customer and ensure sustained success for both parties.

The transformation of customer relationships can ultimately lead to increased services, product expansion opportunities and subscription renewals. While your next service offering may not be change management, what skill set or expertise is inherent in your services teams that can take your customer relationship to the next level?

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This webinar preview was originally promoted by TSIA + Changepoint, October 2015.

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