Professional Services Hopscotch

White paper

From Level 2 to Level 3 and beyond

Professional services offices (PSO) are being called upon to mature service-level offerings for customers. What does that mean for the traditional PSO business model and customer lifecycle? And is your PSO ready? 

New! A game of PSO hopscotch

Professional services organizations (PSO) are having to change as the tech industry is disrupted by new, emerging business models. Digital transformations and cloud-based technologies are evolving how PSOs traverse the customer lifecycle. 

Traditionally, professional services had a clear place in landing the deal and getting a customer up and running. But today, there’s greater opportunity for the PSO to support customer success throughout the lifecycle and change how it delivers revenue as subscription-based packages replace up-front product sales. 

Download the white paper, “Professional Services: Hopscotching from Level 2 to Level 3 and Beyond,” to find out the PSO can fit in today’s emerging business models and to find out if your PSO is ready to hopscotch to a greater maturity.

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