Business-Driven Implementation™

Let us manage your solution implementation

A Business-Driven Implementation™ is a cooperative effort between you and our services team. The scope can be tailored to your business requirements and can include a full range of consulting, training and integration services.

Business-Driven Implementation (BDI)

Our business-driven implementation (BDI) follows a collaborative implementation process that includes Discover, Model, Deploy, and Optimize. 

The Business-Driven Implementation utilizes several repeatable tools to ensure customer success, including:

  • The BDI Design Guide: A PowerPoint “as-built” document compiled during the life of the project that covers all the design decisions, project deliverables and configuration elements

  • Process Map: An end-to-end process map documenting the customer’s PPM processes with color coding and notes to indicate how each process block will be handled in your Changepoint solution

  • Requirements Matrix: A two-column matrix that lists business requirements and the elements being utilized to meet them

  • Project Artifact Matrix: Like the process map, this is meant to ensure all bases are covered. We document all artifacts in your project methodology and note if and / or how they will be handled in your Changepoint solution

  • Training Presentation: A set of modularized PowerPoint decks covering all roles and processes handled in your Changepoint solution. This is modified to fit your specific processes and Changepoint solution configuration

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