Organizational Change Management


Boost the success of your organization

Changes to technology and processes are easier to prescribe and manage. Naturally, humans are different. Proactive planning and activities address the human element of change.

Better manage the learning curve

Deployment, adoption, and the ultimate success of any major new technology is dependent on an organization's ability to effectively cultivate and sustain change: Change in user (people) behaviors, change in business practices (processes), and change to systems (technology). 

Organizational Change Management (OCM) helps you focus on the most unpredictable compontent of the change equation: People.

With Changepoint's OCM Services, help starts early to ensure you have a seamless implementation and user adoption. 

OCM Services

Aligned with the four fundamental pillars of OCM success (Communicate, Learn, Align, and Sustain, our services are dynamic based solely on the needs of your company. Learn more about our four-step approach to OCM >

PPM-OCM assessment

There's an art and science to reading change. Our assessmetn includes an initial evaluation of your environment, including identification of people, processes, and technologies impacted and their respective readiness for a PPM implementation.

Communication plan

Assessment-based plan outlining who needs to be communicated what, how, and when to minimize resistance and facilitate adoption. 

Message development

Assistance with execution of the plan and detailed message development for each audience type to proliferate receoption and WIIFM (What's in it for me?). 

Learning delivery plan

Schedule and content development to maximize learning for the technology and corresponding processes, requirements, and objectives.  

Sustainment plan

Tool that helps your organization sustain the momentum achieved by a successful implementation and user adoption through various continuous improvement tactics extending beyond "go-live". 

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