Application Portfolio Management


Monitor and manage IT investments

With Changepoint Application Portfolio Management (APM), you can be confident that IT investments map to your overall corporate objectives.

Why you need Application Portfolio Management (APM)

If your organization is contemplating an APM solution, it is probable that executives and management cannot confidently choose which applications to invest in, retire, or upgrade due to a lack of portfolio visibility or strategy.


  • Without data-driven insights, it’s difficult to determine how to best modernize your portfolio and optimize your budget
  • Disparate application use cross-enterprise leads to over-spending
  • It’s virtually impossible to proactively predict resource and monetary expenditures
  • Lack of visibility limits your strategic decision-making regarding investments, resourcing, and lifecycle
  • Without application prioritization, IT is subject to multiple requests for immediate application maintenance or purchase

The Business Value of APM

Better alignment

APM empowers you to better align IT and the business. Balance investment and operational decisions between Cloud Computing and internally-managed applications supporting business innovation.

Defined application landscape

Increase the organization of your applications at a functional level. Inventory business applications and capture metrics related to performance, cost, and user value to drive application lifecycle decisions.

More bandwidth

APM lessens the time spent maintaining redundant and ineffective applications.

Support corporate objectives

Strengthen your ability to identify applications that best support your strategic organizational objectives.

Know your expenses 

Gain better insight into the true cost and maintenance of each application.

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