Enterprise Portfolio Management


Support business and IT transformation

Gain real-time information about the technology, processes, and people across your enterprise. With that insight, speed up transformation initiatives, and deliver better and more predictable results.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) is a business and IT management practice designed to help an organization get a better look at its full portfolio of initiatives, including projects, resources, technology, and more. With a collective, comprehensive map of assets, business leaders can get a better grip on where they want to go and what they have to work with. Teams can use EPM to communicate at a project level, aligning enterprise focus with leadership’s vision.

Why your business needs EPM

Without EPM, it can be difficult for managers to ensure that initiatives, including operational ones, support the business’ strategies. It can be hard and frustrating to locate the types and variety of information that leaders need to make the right decisions.

Conventional ways of collecting information are awkward and ineffective. Without the timely, accurate data that EPM provides through modern crowdsourcing, programs stagger and stall.


  • Too many business applications create waste and expense

  • Knowledge about systems and tools is scattered

  • Executives don’t have current information for innovation

  • Making decisions for business transformation is difficult

  • Teams cannot easily share information

Why Changepoint?

Our EPM solution, barometerIT EPM by Changepoint, is simple, social, and smart. It delivers real-time data about the technology and processes that are keeping your business up and running. It provides your leaders with everything they need to know, when they need to know it. And that insight is invaluable.

But there's more. With that information, your business can discover cost-cutting initiatives and gains the agility it needs to respond to changing demands or new business initiatives. 


The value of Changepoint EPM


Crowdsourcing inventories technology, applications, and processes by surveying direct users. The result is data that tells a compelling (and valuable) story about company assets. With our crowdsourcing capability, you can identify new relationships and patterns, turning those discoveries into data that's actionable.

Easy to use

Our EPM tool is a straightforward, easy-to-use solution. With it, users will be up and running more quickly and your business will start benefiting sooner than you think.


Improve your ability to succeed. Our versatile EPM solution helps you optimize results for any business or IT initiative.

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