New Product Development


Grow ideas to commercial maturity

Successful innovation-driven companies capture great ideas, manage investment in those ideas, and grow them to commercial maturity.

Why you need Changepoint New Product Development (NPD)

If your organization is actively considering a NPD solution, you likely do not have good visibility into multiple product lines, which is critical for you to understand your business’ need for new products, features, and enhancements.


  • A mistake in deciding which product to bring to market when leads to devastating product launch overruns

  • Lack of visibility into your organization’s need for new products or features

  • There are no product development strategies or roadmaps in place

  • Without prioritization in place, innovation gets too much—or not enough—resources

The Business Value of NPD

Prioritize your pipeline

NPD allows you to compile and use market share, growth potential, and lifecycle stage data to accurately prioritize your innovation pipeline.

Faster decision making

Speed up the decision-making process to maintain control and a clear understanding of product development.

Hear your customers

NPD provides ‘voice of the customer’ insight throughout all stages of product development.

Be on the same page

NPD improves alignment between product innovation processes and business strategy.

Add velocity to the development process and beyond 

Your product gets to market faster when you have complete product portfolio visibility, ideation and execution insight, process automation, and improved resource utilization throughout a product’s lifecycle.

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