Professional Services Automation


Manage services lifecycle, gain process efficiencies

Gain a better understanding of your organization’s people, process, and technology. Professional Services Automation (PSA) assists you with streamlining, improving, and automating business procedures—leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

Why you need Professional Services Automation (PSA)

If you are relying on spreadsheets to manage resources and capture time and expense, then you're having to rely on slow, manual processes to keep you informed about KPIs. Don't get stuck in the weeds trying to understand revenue growth, margins, and customer satisfaction. Our PSA solution can help.


  • A fixed-time/fixed-fee structure can result in under or over-utilization of employees
  • There is a risk of over or under-estimation of the time and cost to do work
  • PSOs experience increased pressure on planning accuracy and operational efficiency
  • There is no consistent process when planning and managing projects

The Business Value of PSA

Drive strong margins

PSA reduces application and integration costs by improving time and expense processing, and forecasting capabilities.

Better manage projects

Costs and deliverables reside in the same place so productivity can be measured, analyzed, and improved at the territory, account, project, and individual resource level.

Optimize resources

PSA provides organizational visibility to support having the right resources at the right time for the right types of projects.

Deliver a competitive product and services mix

PSA provides you with the vital assistance necessary for project and resource management including streamlining, improving, and automating business procedures.

Maintain top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability 

With PSA, project revenue and cost data is contained in a central database, helping you manage your enterprise with lower administrative overhead and deliver more projects on time.

Start generating ROI from day one

Changepoint Accelerators jumpstart your PSA integration in a variety of ways. Choose one accelerator or mix and match relevant elements of some or all.

Dive deeper

Read more about the key benefits of PSA, including customer, acquisition, financial management, services delivery, and customer management.

Here are some of the companies benefiting from our solutions:

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