Project Portfolio Management


Manage project portfolios, meet company objectives

Informed, real-time understanding of your organization’s environment and resources—know which projects to initiate, which are on track to meet objectives, and which are costing your organization time and money.

Why you need Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables businesses to have an informed understanding of their environment and resources; in turn, enabling them to communicate this, and any subsequent decisions, to stakeholders. Business peers can agree on the best use of available finite resources, both financial and human.

If your organization is actively considering a PPM solution, you have likely reached the stage where disparate project, demand, resource, portfolio, and time management activities are leading to a lack of accountability and inefficient business processes.


  • Lack of visibility into projects, resources, and the health of your project portfolio
  • Prioritization decisions are made ineffectively or ad-hoc
  • Data gathering for management reports is manual and time-consuming
  • Difficult to track inefficiencies, redundancies, bottlenecks, and waste
  • There is no consistent process when planning and managing projects
  • Manually maintaining a project cadence is time consuming, and offers little flexibility or foresight for your team

The Business Value of PPM

Strategic alignment across project portfolios

Portfolio Management helps you get a clear picture so you can avoid low-value projects and “rogue work” and improve your teams' productivity.

Better collaboration across organizational silos

Broad adoption of a PPM process and tool enables real-time visibility into project and portfolio status, allowing executives and management to ensure business results are being achieved with improved Resource Management.

Improved decision-making and accountability

Powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities enable a “single source of truth” for dashboards and reports with Capacity Planning.

Streamlined PMO processes and templates

Implementing an overall project management framework enables streamlined PMO process and individual project methodology.

Improved organizational productivity 

Eliminate unstructured data entry and management with a PPM tool that is customized to match the way your organization works.

Start generating ROI from day one

Changepoint Accelerators jumpstart your PPM integration in a variety of ways. Choose one accelerator or mix and match relevant elements of some or all.

Dig deeper

Learn more about the key features of PPM, including client collaboration, time tracking, performance management, knowledge management, workflow management, and survey management.

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