Business Relationship Manager

Create synergies within your company

With the Changepoint EPM solution, business relationship managers access accurate and current information about transformation initiatives, and create new ideas that address business challenges.

Resolve business challenges

Clarity is a direct line of sight from strategic objectives into your most current business models, ongoing projects, and technical enablers. And, according to industry standard guides on enterprise management (ITIL, COBIT), an "up-to-date blueprint" of your business and IT environment is an "essential prerequisite" to managing enterprise strategy.

Changepoint's Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) software solution, brings unique clarity to your biggest business challenges and helps leaders reclaim creative, future-oriented work by reducing the time necessary to support portfolios. With it, you can generate the actionable information needed to identify redundancies, streamline processes, rationalize systems, and most importantly, make decisions.


Limited view, limited insight. Connect the dots for a wide-angle view of your business.

  • As shown on the left, managers, teams and executives have a limited view of the business without Changepoint EPM

  • Changepoint EPM helps the entire organization to track business and IT transformation initiatives in place in the organization

  • With Changepoint EPM, the best and most current information is available to identify issues in implementation

  • The business relationship manager can describe what executives and managers want to accomplish, and arrive at the best approach with the team

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