Enterprise Architect

Enable strategic results for the company

Enterprise Architects use Changepoint EPM to assure that technology initiatives reflect strategic business goals. 

Align your technology and business initiatives

Transparency. Business-changing initiatives can’t happen without it. Informed decisions can't happen with out, yet they have to be made, both macro and micro. The main point of inefficiency in making these decisions? The availability and clarity of information about your systems and system architectures.

Order from complexity. A platform on which to capture and share detailed system architecture information is essential to any complex enterprise. The breadth of barometer EPM make it an essential tool for capturing and sharing information.

Engineered for Success. Our crowdsourcing solution enables fast and accurate capture of application and technology information. Never again will you need to collect disparate spreadsheets and do data entry. Spend less time on training and offline data gathering. Spend more time analyzing trusted data.


Enterprise architects need to plan for IT and business transformations, and they may also need to assure that the right technologies are available to support the business today

Gain Insight

Changepoint EPM’s live enterprise map helps architects to quickly gain insight into how a business initiative, such as application rationalization, may impact the enterprise


An architect can not only assess the enterprise’s ability to deliver against a corporate objective successfully, the architect’s insights can enable better, strategic results

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