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The right insight, at the right time

In order to make informed decisions, to track and to communicate project status in real time, you need a cohesive, consolidated view of every facet of your portfolios, programs and projects.

Why you need a Project Portfolio Management software tool

If you’re having to manage multiple programs and projects using disparate systems and spreadsheets, then you may be in the market for a project portfolio management (PPM) solution. With the right PPM in place, get a holistic view of all relevant and related project data in real time—allowing you to immediately see the entire project lifecycle and proactively plan for change.


  • Manually collecting and analyzing disparate pieces of information: Project plans, spreadsheets, issue lists, logs, and updates are not scalable if collected manually

  • Getting a clear view into overlapping projects and silos: Separate business silos and teams make it hard to gain a single source of truth

  • Adjusting to change when it occurs: With a lack of visibility comes a lack of adaptability making it harder to get back on track if something stalls or bottlenecks

  • Communicating status of a project up and down the ladder: Providing both a top-down and bottom-up view of program and project status is made even more difficult when managed in static, manually updated spreadsheets

The value we provide to program and project managers

Easy-to-view status updates

Our PPM tools make it easy to immediately view the health of your program or project using configurable dashboards that display the information you need to know most for improved resource management and capacity planning.

Gain a single source of truth

Rich data integrations connect traditionally disparate systems to provide an overview of project status and eliminate the need to go searching for the information you need, making things like, financial management, easier to oversee.

Better manage project collateral

Our PPM tools create a centralized file that contains every aspect of project information. With document management, for example, make it easier for team members across business silos stay on the same page with version control.

Configure a view that works for your organization

Configure dashboards to reflect the information that your organization needs. Make it easier (and faster) to communicate status to both stakeholders and team members with tools to create top-down and bottom-up reports.

Faster path to completion

With real-time data about the status of a project, you are poised to make real-time decisions—empowering your team to quickly adapt to change and ultimately affect the project lifecycle.

SaaS or on-premise? Choose what's right for you

Whether you’re looking at Changepoint PPM or Daptiv PPM by Changepoint, our solutions are available in a variety of delivery methods: SaaS, private cloud, or on premise—the choice is yours.

Dive deeper

Find out more about the features of our PPM solutions. With Changepoint, you can streamline your business and transform chaos into order.

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