Resource Manager

Align capacity with demand

Avoid resource bottlenecks and solve the classic business challenges you face as a resource manager with greater control over and visibility into the active state of your workforce.

Ensuring a job well done

You play a vital role in project management and completion. To do your job well, you have to know the skillset of your resource pool. That way, you can accurately assign the right resources to the right project. With Changepoint, you gain powerful resource-planning tools, 100% visibility into resource availability, and streamlined communication with project managers—ensuring a job well done, every time. 


  • Increasing billable and non-billable utilization while also combatting multiple forces outside your control, such as employee attrition, changing workforce dynamics, workforce distribution, and ever-changing client demands
  • Reducing non-billable hours, identifying and addressing the resources that are affecting margins 
  • Managing resource information and availability across multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems
  • Deploying resources to projects at an optimal speed to meet the requirements of your clients
  • Increasing billable hours per employee and reducing costs to maximize margin

The value Changepoint provides for Resource Managers

Visibility at every stage

Automate workflow to ensure your standard sales methodology is followed, improve competition tracking and analysis, and forecast resources requirements. 

Real-time view of resources

Define and track contract details through engagement management and gain visibility into the entire services process, from marketing outreach to project delivery. 

Understand resource activity

With executive dashboards, you can get a clearer picture of how resources are spending time and the status of your resource pool to increase billable resource utilization and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction. 

Effective management

Gain a single solution to manage a multitude of details around projects, resources, finances, and engagements, as well as access to more accurate and timely data for projects and resources. 


Here are some of the companies benefiting from our solutions:

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  • ABSL-space-products_logo-link.png
  • Altum-logo-link.png
  • AOS-Studley_logo-link.png
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  • cobank_logo-link.png
  • employee-provident-fund_logo-link.png
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  • vitalityhealth_logo-link.png

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