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Connecting people, process, and technology

Changepoint helps the VP Services drive strong margins, skillfully manage projects, optimize resources, deliver a competitive product and services mix—all while maintaining top-line revenues with bottom-line profitability.

Why VP Services needs a Changepoint solution

If you and your Services organization find it difficult to achieve optimal efficiency across all aspects of the customer engagement because of limited visibility into services operations, lack of process automation, poor resource utilization, and immature financial management, you need Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA).


  • Balancing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue growth and margin with customer satisfaction
  • Optimizing my available resources and maximizing utilization
  • Ensuring services is engaged at the right times in the customer lifecycle
  • Building a predictable, accurate revenue model to share with my financial counterparts
  • Implementing a repeatable delivery methodology to maximize margin and deliver a consistent experience to customers
  • Shortening the order-to-cash cycle for the business
  • Finding new ways to deliver value to the customer and close the consumption gap

The value Changepoint provides for VP Services

Opportunity management and resource forecasting

Gain a structured process for analyzing, tracking, and forecasting client opportunities and their requirements with three key disciplines: Pipeline management, resource forecasting, and engagement management.

Manage services engagements

Once an opportunity has been secured, Changepoint provides a structure to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget, including project portfolio management, project management, resource management, time and expense management, mobility, budgeting, invoicing, and revenue recognition, and comprehensive business analytics.

Customer support and satisfaction

Client satisfaction is critical for repeat business, so visibility into services engagements shouldn’t end once the project is complete. Ensure client satisfaction with continued visibility into performance management, survey management, customer relationship management, and ongoing support and collaboration.


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