IT Governance

Clearer picture, better business decisions

Get a top-down view of all IT activities and give your decision-makers better visibility, more control, and greater flexibility to achieve business goals.

What's missing?

Managing IT deliveries is a complex job. It requires understanding key business drivers, investing in the right IT initiatives, managing service quality, and maintaining a lean cost structure to be competitive in the marketplace. 

Too often, CIOs have to make decisions without the right information, which can lead to sub-optimal outcomes. With the right IT tools in place, you won't have to ask, "What's missing?" just, "What's next?"


  • Understanding resource optimiziation and availability
  • Knowing and being able to anticipate incoming IT requests from the business
  • Measuring business value from IT investments
  • Seeing a clear view of which IT projects are at risk and how to mitigate delays
  • Gaining a complete picture of IT service quality and costs by business unit and customer

Why Changepoint?

With Changepoint, you can manage your IT like a business. Gain a structured approach for managing and strategizing IT portfolios, monitoring implementation of project portfolio investments, and managing the operational and financial aspects of IT. 

Changepoint centralizes IT portfolio data for analysis and reporting, and automates the capture of information through best practice processes enacted in the tool. 


Demand management

Use a best-practice project scoring model to evaluate all incoming work, including projects, enhancements, and non-project work. More >

Capacity management

Quickly identify capacity overloads with a prioritized list of IT investments. Help PMOs figure out "when," and not just "if," a project can start. More >

Resource management

Go beyond just assigning the right resource. With web-based timesheets, users log their time and the appropriate levels of management gain visibility into project status and the time spent to get it done. More >

IT portfolio management: Monitoring

Dashboards give you a big-picture look at project status. Track project portfolios, application portfolios, service portfolios and more, and see how all the work breaks out by configurable attributes, such as business unit and investment class. 

Portfolio management: Value management

Gain insight into the value of your IT. Benefits scoring and tracking depicts the value of projects—including non-financial benefits—on an apples-to-apples basis, and broken down into reports based on audience. More >

Project and program management

Give the project manager everything they need to get started. Our project templates allow customers to provide pre-defined tasks, documents, and artifacts for each methodology. Manage project execution for multiple project methodologies, including waterfall, iterative, business process improvement, Agile, Six Sigma, and more. 

Agile development

Agile is now a mainstream methodology for software development in IT. Agile status data, including all stories and their status, can be viewed in Changepoint workspaces and project-level status indicators are automatically calculated. Agile data is then rolled into the portfolio reports to provide for a comprehensive project portfolio of all project types. 

Financial management

Budget, track, and adjust material expenses and labor costs throughout the lifecycle of a project. Using a three-tiered model, track capital orders, purchase orders, and invoices. Easily calculate labor cost estimates and actual costs using our built-in labor rate calculator for a complete picture of project finances. More >

Application portfolio management

Gain a complete picture of application cost and value. Bubble charts and application portfolio dashboards and reports allow IT executives and achitects to evaluate the entire portfolio and make appropriate decisions based on that information. More >

IT service management

While IT manages application and hardware, business thinks in terms of services like "communications" and "financial transaction processing." We provide business-termed capability workspaces as a container for defining and controlling business services. Applications, projects, and non-project workspaces are all tagged with capabilities to provide for advanced service portfolio management. 

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Changepoint's BEM solution platform enables organizations to manage the "work layers" in concert and across.

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